The Worlds Affect on Coral Reefs
The warmer this planet gets the more stress it puts on this planets Coral reefs. Causing coral bleaching and ocean acidification. Coral is very sensitive to changes in the water temperature. If it too high the zooxanthellae they depend on leaves their tissue. This is a very big problem.
I chose this topic for two reasons. One, I didn’t understand how we could let this happen for so long, producing more and more human induced GHG’s. Second, I wanted to know more about the problem so I could help as much as I can. It scares me that most carbon dioxide in the atmosphere dissolves into the ocean. It also scared me that it led to something called ocean acidification.
Without our coral reefs millions of fish species will lose their home, therefore becoming endangered. When hearing that most people will become worried because now that will effect us because now we will lose a source of food. This in itself is a real life application, our planet is warming to the point where it is killing off its inhabitants. In my eyes coral is just the start.

Websites is a website that discusses almost every way that climate change is affecting our planets coral reef. It gives brief summaries on each way then with different pages goes more in depth on the topics. It raises awareness on the topic that with our planets current climate change it is up to us to help. It gives examples of how we can help even if it is not joining a group of marine biologists, the services will help dramatically. It also discusses how each factor will increase greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. goes more in depth onto the topic of coral bleaching and ocean acidification. But those topics are still the aftermath of climate change, leading to more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It gives very good diagrams on how our planets GHG emissions have changed over the years and how our world will look in the future. It explains what will happen to the oceans population once most of the coral has been bleached and how it will affect us. It also discusses the process of coral bleaching.


“The Biology of Coral Reefs” is a book in which it covers more than just how climate change affects the coral reefs. It talks about what coral reefs do for humans and marine animals. In addition, how human activity is slowly killing off corals. This book gives a very good overview of the function, physiology, ecology, and behaviour of coral reef organisms. It also gives examples of the endangered species that live in the reefs.