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For the physics portion of my culminating assignment, I chose mirrors. I chose this learning point because I found it to be the most important, and most enduring. Mirrors are important to the physics unit because it will be important in future physic studies (and it took up a majority of our studies). The information learned can even be used in real-life; such as by a convenience store worker having to use the security mirrors.


Geometrical Optics

When an object is dropped in still water, the circular wave fronts that are produced move out from the contact point over the two‐dimensional surface. A light s

Above are the websites that I chose as my references for my key learning point. These websites were chosen because they could be used to help someone understand the science behind mirrors. Both references explain the topic in their own different and helpful way. These websites are both helpful and easy to navigate/understand. I would recommend these websites to anyone trying to understand the science behind mirrors.