The following is a collection of images that represents what our oceans have looked like, and what they will look like if we do not change how we care for our them.

If we do not change our ways soon, all our ocean’s coral and other habitats will be destroyed by warming waters and ocean acidification.

Website 1: 

“Teach ocean science” gives a great overview of how global warming is affecting the coral reefs. This site talks about why ocean acidification occurs and how it is affecting coral reefs, with lots of pictures to show the before and after effects of global warming and ocean acidification.


Website 2: 

This site talks about how ocean acidification on a broader level, looking at what would happen to other ocean inhabitants along with the coral reefs. This site also has plenty of pictures and videos.


Journal: Grottoli, A. A., Dalcin Martins, P., Wilkins, M. J., Johnston, M. D., Warner, M. E., Cai, W.-J., …Schoepf, V. (2018). 

This article is about an experiment to find out why some corals have more resilience to climate change and ocean acidification than others.