Culminating Unit 4 – Podcast 

Climate Change: Greenhouse Gases 


Podcast Script: 

The climate is changing… But why? Climate change is happening all over the world and one reason is the Greenhouse Effect. The Greenhouse Gas Effect is divided into two categories, the Natural Greenhouse Effect and the Anthropogenic Greenhouse Effect. The Natural Greenhouse Effect is the process when gases build up energy in the form of warmth in the atmosphere by absorbing infrared radiation from Earth’s surface. The Anthropogenic Greenhouse Effect is related to human activity, which adds on from the Natural Greenhouse Effect. But, these are both affecting our Earth. They are producing six gases, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, Water Vapor, Ozone, and Chlorofluorocarbons. In my opinion, the greenhouse gases are getting worse because the more greenhouse gases produced, the more gases are reflected back to Earth, increasing the average temperature and bringing terrible impacts to our ecosystems, oceans, and the things that started it…. humans. Some ways we can prevent more Greenhouse gases are recycling, using less heat/cooling, walking instead of driving, etc. We need to react now before it’s too late… 


Real-Life Example: My Real-Life example on greenhouse gases would be vehicles. Driving vehicles can be fun but can be deadly. The gas pumped into your vehicle is used then released as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It then is reflected back into Earth. This is one of the problems affecting the Earth. 


These websites help explain my key point on Greenhouse Gases. It gives definitions and diagrams on what released gases can affect our Earth. It also clearly identifies if we don’t try to stop greenhouse gases now, the dangers that lie behind that problem. It also gives explanations on how the gases are affecting our Earth. It also tells how we can help reduce this problem of climate change. These sites are essential to the Greenhouse Gases topic to best show how to react to climate change. 


This article can best understand the topic of Greenhouse Gases. It states how the gases are important to learn for the dangers of climate change. It helps describe what are manmade gases and what are natural gases. This article also has statistics on temperature change over the years. It also briefly explains what will happen if this phenomenon continues. This article will help with knowledge on the production of greenhouse gases. 

Greenhouse Gases Effect 

National Geographic