Climate Change
Earth and Space: Climate Change
Climate Change is a change in global or regional climate patterns, in a particular change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels.

I believe that Climate change is a very important aspect to the earth and space unit. I find this a key concept. Personally I believe that Climate Change is a big deal, because there are many consequences of climate change that effect our world greatly. The every day things us as humans do is having a big effect on the earth, which will soon have a large effect on us. Global temperatures are rising and will continue to rise mainly due to greenhouse gasses caused by human activities. After learning about climate change, it interested more of an interest in this topic because we are doing this and I wanted to know how we could put a stop the the global temperatures rising. I also think it is an important part of this unit because since we are a key factor to this occurrence, everybody not just students should be learning about this, and how we all can help. Overall, I believe that climate change is a key factor to the Earth and Space unit.
Earth and Space: Climate Change
Website One:

The website is a very good website to use. This website has a lot of details and interesting facts about climate change. The website also has some suggestions on how we can help. There is also many different diagrams revolving around climate change and its factors. Overall this is a very reliable and good cite to use, I would recommend looking at this one.
Website Two:

The website is a good website to look at. This website is all about how Ontario is helping change climate change, as well as giving you ways on “How you can fight climate change”. Another reason why this website is good is how this website .Is because it is is very informative as well as local. Overall, this website relates back to my own opinion as well as a good website for information about climate change.


This article I found on is a good article to read. This is a good article because it has a lot of good information about climate change. Also this article is letting the public know how harmful and how much the temperatures are actually rising rapidly. As in the headline “The year 2017 was the second hottest in record, US government scientists say”. Overall this is a good article because it is making the public more aware of climate change.