Culminating Activity 3 – Limerick Poems 

Physics: Mirrors 


Plane Mirrors 

The light rays reflect from the flat mirror, 

To see a virtual image much clearer. 

You appear in the front but distant –  

But it’s the same which is consistent. 

Now plane mirror images are superior! 


Law of Reflection 

The angle of incidence is equal to – 

The angle of reflection, which is true!  

The normal is in the centre,  

This law is the most important, remember! 

This helps understand this law overview. 


Concave Mirrors 

A concave mirror is shaped as a bowl, 

The virtual image is larger than the goal. 

Focal Point and vertex are the key factors, 

To form the proper light ray that matters! 

Concave is used as a consistent parallel pole. 


Convex Mirrors 

A convex mirror is diverging like a sphere,  

The virtual image is smaller but won’t disappear! 

Through the Focal and Vertex place on the line –  

We will see an object behind. 

Convex is parallel like before here! 



I chose mirrors and light reflection as my enduring learning idea because it is important for understand light and the way light is reflected. It helps develop the knowledge of how the ray of light will hit and reflect of the object. It also shows how the image will appear, whether its behind or in front of the mirror. It also intertwines with objects such as telescopes, flashlights, and funhouses, all of these are used with light rays that are reflecting off the flat or converging mirror. I believe that mirrors and light reflection are important in Physics and that’s why I chose it as my enduring learning idea.  


Real-Life Application: 

My Real-Life Application about Mirrors and Light Reflection is through Dental Appliances for Concave, Car Window Mirrors for Convex, and Make-up Mirrors for Plane. Concave Mirrors are used by Dentists because Dentist’s use the mirrors for checking “blind spots” on the patient’s teeth. Convex Mirrors are used on vehicles because you can see traffic coming from behind your car. Plane Mirrors are used as regular mirrors because they show your image clearly from behind the mirror.  


These websites help to explain my key point on Mirrors and Light Reflection. It gives definitions and diagrams on the law of reflection and the way light can reflect off of a mirror. They also help develop knowledge on the law of reflection and the ways that concave, plane, and convex mirrors reflect light. It also explains the Focal Point and Vertex on curved mirrors and the angles on plane mirrors. These websites also help to develop knowledge on what mirrors can be used for, like for example, a telescope. These websites are essential to Mirrors and the Reflection of Light topic to best show the way light reflects with mirrors.  


This article can best understand the topic of Mirrors and Light Reflection. It shows how the projected mirror image will appear. It also gives brief descriptions on the different ways light reflects on each mirror. The article also has drawings of the mirrors, Concave, Convex, or Plane. It also helps clarify where the focal point, vertex point, and parallel line will be on the line. This article will help prove knowledge for Mirrors and the Reflection of Light. 


Objects in the Mirror are… Article  

By: Khan Academy