Biology: The Growth of Cancer


I chose this section of the biology unit due to its great impact on my life and society itself. Cancer is an illness that sadly everyone has heard of and knows about at a very young age, some are affected by it personally and some know more from media. The thing that most don’t realize is that it all comes down to the cell cycle. Cancer is formed from a fault in the cell cycle. So I both chose this subject because of its personal effect on people and the fact that most don’t truly understand what it is.

This affects humans directly seeing as it is an illness that some humans can possess, and sadly many do.



            Website #1:


Nature News, Nature Publishing Group,

Reason(s) For Using Website:

            This website would be useful for anyone attempting to understand cell division and the growth of cancer. This website explains the difference between a cancerous cell and a normal cell, allowing the reader to understand the difference. This website also explains how the problem of cancer arises in the cells. The photos on this website are also very easily understood. The photos show diagrams of the process of cell division in the body. This website is very easily understood and explains all the parts in the growth of cancer and the reasoning behind it.

             Website #2:


“How cancers grow.” Cancer Research UK, 5 Dec. 2017,

Reason(s) For Using Website:

This website is very useful for understanding the process of cell cycle and cancers. This website also utilizes multiple tabs to understand multiple aspects of the process. The different types and forms of the cancerous cells that can grow are explained on this website. This website utilizes easily understood photos so that the reader can understand visually. This website also utilizes a video that explains the process of cell cycle and cancer growth.




Skehan, Philip, and Susan J. Friedman. Growth, Cancer, and the Cell Cycle: the Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. Humana Press, 1984.

Reason(s) For Using Book:

            This book explains the process of the growth of cancer very well. There are photos throughout the book for those who need to visually learn. This book is about all of the parts of cell cycle, it truly delves deep into the process of this cycle. This book also delves into cancer and the growth and process of the deformed cells that create cancer. This book is perfect for those attempting to understand cancer and the process of the growth of cancer and the cycles involved.