Chemistry: Balancing Equations

Website One:

A good website to use to get a good understanding of balancing equations is This website is a good source because it explains and helps you understand the concept of balancing equations. This website gives you all the steps of balancing in detail as well as explaining the importance. This website is also very good because it has many different diagrams and examples. Overall, I thought that this website was very good with lots of detail, and I would recommend using it.


Website 2:

A good website I came across while researching was This is a good website about equations because this website contains good definitions as well as little tips. This website also gives many different examples of how to balance to help you understand. This website covers everything about balancing equations, how to, tips, definitions, as well as the law, on balancing. In the end I believe this is a very resourceful website to use.




While doing some extra research about balancing equations I came across this article about students learning how to balance equations differently. This article is about “Balancing Chemical Equations: The Role of Developmental Level and Mental Capacity”. While reading this article I found that only some students can learn the trial and error method while others can mental not use a trail and error method, and they have some difficulties with balancing equations. I found this interesting because in the beginning of learning this very important detail to chemistry difficult, but then it finally just clicked. I think that this is a very interesting article, and very relatable.