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The website “Get Relief Responsibility” is very useful because it provides the reader with simple, easy to understand terms that give the reader a general understanding on over-the-counter (OTC) medications. It provides the reader with bolded, easy to understand facts on why it is important to be familiar with the ingredients in one’s medicine. A useful example of this can be shown in the Venn diagram on the comparison between Tylenol and Benylin products. The website also gives readers warnings on the dosage, and how they should not mix different medications as doing so may affect their health and may cause bodily harm. In addition, the website advises the reader to talk to their health care professional to seek advice on what medicine is right for them. In short, this website is very clear to understand, and is therefore very helpful.


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The website “Benylin Cough Medicine” is considered useful because it gives the reader a very thorough explanation on the warning signs and information on the ingredients in the medication they are using. For example, “This medicinal product contains 5 vol % ethanol (alcohol) i.e. up to 200mg per 5ml equivalent to 5ml of beer, 2ml wine per 5ml” (McNeil Healthcare, 2015). Also, not only is this website explain the ingredient list content, but it also explains the various symptoms and signs if one should ever overdose on their medication. It is stated in various categories from severity, consisting of mild/moderate symptoms to severe. Treatment is also evident with the advice on who to get help from if one should overdose.


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The article “Individualizing drug dosage with longitudinal data” is helpful in explaining more in depth of why it is important to monitor drug dosage with people using various medications. It provides variations showing the statistics behind these justifications. Also along with reasonable, in-depth rational explanations as to why it is important to be cautious if one takes multiple medications containing the same ingredient, and/or over a long period of time: “Therefore, monitoring drug dosage is very crucial for patients who take the drug over long periods of time” (Zhu, & Qu, 2016, p. 1-2). This advises readers to be cautious when taking their medications, and gives realistic facts to help justify their reasonings.


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