Plot so far…

Key Characters and their traits…


Our meaningful quotes from the first half of the book.  These grabbed our attention as they demonstrated one of the following:

  • Technology/science woven into the society as helpful or harmful
  • Profound emotion – loss, joy etc
  • Turning point for a character

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In the comment section post please do the following…

  • Give your quote
  • Give an explanation with detail as to why you chose this quote. How did it speak to you as something important in one or more of the areas of focus (tech/science embedded into society, profound emotion or a turning point)?
  • Look at the ideas that you quote generated from others reading your book and others thinking only on your quote. Are there some theme or ideas that seem common between them?  Are there any that gave you something to think on – what were they and what new thoughts do you have about your quote from your original idea.  Pick three to respond to.