So women are EVERYWHERE!! and we are in chemistry.

Please use the internet and research these 5 ladies.  Please use at least two sources per lady.  Create a Reference list and use APA formatting.  You do not need to do in-text citation for this assignment.

Due on Thursday.  Please put your work into the Women in Quantum dropbox.

Next Steps:

Now that you have done some research, please choose one lady to look at in more depth. Detail her contribution to this field – use any diagrams for pictures required (cite source of picture!). Give examples of challenges that she overcame in her life and how it supported her work in the field of quantum chemistry. You must also include a paragraph to explain why you think her accomplishment was so important to the field or how it ties back to your life or your family’s life in her struggles. You will need to include in-text citations in APA format. You will post this series of paragraphs and pictures properly referenced into the comment section below. Next you will respond to three other students work. These responses need to add to the conversation as opposed to just stating ‘good job’. Points for assessment will follow. This is due Monday (your larger comment) and your three supportive comments are due by Friday.