Learning Goals for Unit One

Learning GoalsI will be able to:

  • use appropriate terminology related to structure and properties of matter
  • use the Pauli exclusion principle, Hund’s rule and the aufbau principle to write electron configurations
  • describe the electron configuration of a variety of elements on the periodic table using the concepts of energy shells and the principles listed above.
  • predict the shape of simple molecules molecules and ions using VSEPR model and draw diagrams of their shapes


Activity One: Developing a Nuclear Model of the Atom

Please read pages 164 to 173.  Take jot notes where appropriate but use the following questions as a guide to create these notes.Image result for read word

  • Page 168 questions 1-4, and 6
  • Page 174 questions 2, 3, 6, and 10
Activity Two: Quantum Chemistry - The Beginning...

Please watch the following video to set the context for this lesson.

Also view this ppt – Quantum Beginnings 1-11.

  • Copy out the figure 3.14 into your notes (page 177)
  • Page 179 Questions 1-10
  • These questions will be assessed and you will be doing a self-reflection.
Activity Three: Electron Configuration

Please continue the slideshow Quantum – Electron Configuration from slide 11 to the end

  • Please see your assignment on electron configuration.
  • When you have completed this by hand please submit it to the dropbox.
  • Once you have done this an answer key will open for you to do a self check and reflection.  This portion is required to be completed and resubmitted to the same dropbox before this assignment is considered complete.
Activity Four: Hybridization and VSEPR

Please view the Hybridization and VSEPR Theory ppt that we covered in class.  It contains the hybridization of electrons (sp, sp2, sp3 etc.) and the VSEPR theory that you will need to know for the the assignment.  Once done this work submit to the VSEPR Theory Dropbox and you will need to self check.  This will open in the content section – complete the check of your work and do a paragraph reflection on your next steps.  Resubmit the corrected file as you have done before.