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Did you Know…

“With available information in all fields doubling every five years and the access to that information available globally, the best jobs will not go to the person who knows the most facts. Computers will always have the edge on that and when [you]… enter the workforce in the 21st century, if a computer can do the job, it will.

The best jobs will go to applicants who have the skillsets to analyze information as it becomes available, the flexibility to adapt when what were believed to be facts are revised, and to collaborate with other experts on a global playing field requiring tolerance, willingness to consider alternative perspectives, and articulately communicate one’s ideas successfully.”  (Dr. Judy Willis, http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/radical-teaching/201104/whose-children-will-get-the-best-jobs-in-the-21st-century)


Trends in Technology

Technology is advancing at a very rapid rate. It has led to automation, which in turn has led to reduced human labour. These technology trends also affect how we work, no matter what we do. Think of all the different ways we can communicate with each other that would have been so futuristic as to be unrecognizable at the beginning of the 20th century; cell phone, fax, e-mail, video conferencing, etc. People do not have to be in the same building or office to be part of a team. They can travel and still be in contact with one another.

Success in business is dependent upon technology. Technology know-how is now a requirement when competing for jobs. The information age is here and the impact of emerging technologies has revolutionized the modern work place.

Look at the Nanotechnology field for example, the potential development is endless.

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Globalization is the process of denationalization of markets, politics and legal systems, and the rise of the so-called global economy. As companies decide to take part in the emerging global economy and establish themselves in foreign markets they will have to adapt their products or services to the final user’s linguistic and cultural requirements. They will also have to take advantage of the Internet revolution and establish a virtual presence on the international marketplace with a multilingual corporate web site or even as an e-business. Canada is unique in its first world modernity and rich multi-cultural character, and citizens who possess knowledge of modern technologies and also different cultures are better positioned to find opportunities in the changing global market.

One of the effects of Globalization has been the denationalization of markets and the rise of the global economy. Companies who decide to take part in the emerging global economy must establish themselves in foreign markets. To do this, these companies must adapt their products or services to various linguistic and cultural requirements. One example would be a company that establishes itself on the international marketplace by creating a multilingual corporate web site.

Citizens and companies who possess knowledge of various cultures (customs, languages) are better positioned to find opportunities in the changing global market.  Take a Toronto company that may employ several multi-cultural people – think about the languages they may speak as a first, second or third language or the cultures that they are knowledgeable about, this may put the company in an advantageous position globally.   Take a look at the job market in Toronto – emerging job fields that Toronto sees are High Tech, Green Jobs, Health Care and Skilled Trades.

Changing Demographics

Demography is the study of human populations. Demographic trends can help predict what our society will be like and how this will affect the world of work.

Take a look at Canada through comparison with other countries – ‘If It Were My Country’.  Look at the employment rates, use of electricity (which may explain their amount of technology use), and their health.

Emerging Jobs

When considering future careers it is important to understand how modern trends have shaped and will continue to shape the work place.

Look through at least two of the following websites with the Top ‘Future’ Jobs.  What are the similarities you find there?  What jobs look like potential areas you may want to explore further?

Canada’s 10 hottest jobs: skilled trades, pharmacist, finance, dental hygienist and more

Forbes – In Pictures: The 10 Top Jobs for Today’s Grads

In the year 2016: The 30 fastest-growing jobs

The Top 10 Tech Trends for 2011 (And How It Affects You)


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Task: Now that you have completed the background activity, you are to create a visual item (virtual poster, presentation,  timeline slider, video clip) in which you identify a modern career and explain how it has been influenced by modern trends. Be sure to:

  1. Explain how the modern career you choose has been changed by new economic and social trends.
  2. Explain how it can provide additional opportunities to people who possess knowledge of modern technologies and of different cultures (think of globalization and increasing accessibility to foreign markets).
  3. Identify and provide information about one college or university program in Canada that provides an academic program preparing young people for your chosen career. * The following web site will assist you Ontario Prospects; 2011 (Take a look at Part 4; PSE Opportunities, and Part 1; Life Cycle of a Career, and Pre-Occupation Investigation)


Tools you may use are:

http://prezi.com – interactive presentation generator

http://vuvox.com – interactive slideshow presentation

http://glogster.com – virtual poster generator

http://voicethread.com – picture and voice presentation

In these applications you have the ability to insert pictures, videos, podcasts, video blogs, etc. to enhance your visual presentation.