Homework Help is an awesome resource for any Math teacher and every student in math from grades 7 through 10. It is Ministry supported and runs through the Independent Learning Courses (ILC). It has unique features to the site that even offer the student access to a LIVE! online tutor between the hours of 5:30-9:30 Sunday to Thursday. These tutors are Ontario math teachers that know the curriculum and support our students through prompting (they don’t give the answer!) to work through their problems.

As the Blended Learning and eLearning Contact (eLC) for my board I was put in charge of looking into Homework Help and trying to get a handle on how we could use it in the classroom thus modelling for students how to use it in the hopes that they would continue using it at home.  When I started looking into the resources available I was AMAZED… all I could keep thinking was ‘Teachers need to know how awesome this is!!’  We also have some SSI projects in Math throughout the board and wished to tie the resources that can be found in Homework Help to well documented High Yield Strategies – to get the most out of the site for the student and the teachers.

Homework Help and High Yield Strategies

So I went through all of the resources available by grade and tied them to the Ontario curriculum – the BIG ideas.  Those pages are available at the links below – remember that the Homework Help site gets added to weekly so it is only current to the beginning of December 2011 (I will update every few months – as the information becomes available!).  These resource pages are all hot-linked so the item you want is only a click away.

 Grade 7 Math
 Grade 8 Math
 Grade 9 Academic
 Grade 9 Applied
 Grade 9 Essential
 Grade 10 Academic
 Grade 10 Applied
 Grade 10 Essential

(Essential Courses tied to McGraw Hill workbook)

We also looked at the type of resource available (Best Sessions, Interactives, Listen and Learns, etc.) and tried to develop a model of how it could be used in the classroom to produce high yields for our student.  We created a list of these and how we see it being used in the classroom – Homework Help and High Yield Strategies.  It also can be viewed in presentation form below.

This is an excellent resource and should be used in class to support your students’ needs as it has multiple start points, review, interactives etc for the student.  It is just too cool not to share!!