You will be completing an eLearning section.  You will need to go to the Ontario Electronic Resource Bank.  You will need to log in using the username/password given in class – accept the terms.  Click on the ‘Search 2.0′.  Cut and paste this search number into the search ELO1244240 .  Once the link comes up – click on it and read and note (where you need to remember!)  the ‘Content’ section – it will be review of Mitosis from first unit.  When you are done this (and it should only take 20 minutes!!)  After reading the Mitosis review go to the ELO1244250 .  Go to the end of the content section to the ‘Resource’ section.  Click and watch the links.  After you have watched the links go to the Assignment Section and complete the section.  You will hand in all your notes.