As with any journey, the time for pause and reflection is upon us. Your interim reports have been completed and you recently wrote a quiz in culmination of the Ecology unit. You need to reflect on your learning process so far – the good, the challenge, the rewards…  For this you will need to join the 1D – Reflection group (request membership – and I will approve you) so that you can have a safe place to begin your reflection process.  You will be posting your reflection – which is extensive – I want you thinking about how you learn…

Also your Prezi – on Human Destructors can now be posted on our Class Blog within the SNC1D group (not reflections).  Go to the group – click the ‘Blog’ button.  You will then be able to create a ‘Status Update’, ‘Blog Post’, ‘Quote’ or ‘Link’.  Click ‘Blog Post’…  This will allow you to chose a title, embed your Prezi so it displays within the post (not just a link to somewhere else).  You will need the ’embed code’ from your prezi – you will find this as you go to ‘share’ your prezi.  Copy and paste it into the blog post and ‘tag it’.  Tagging is awesome and allows us to search out posts on various topics – your tags should include your topic, keep scientific words, etc. (not your name!).  Add 3-5 tags and ‘Post it’.

** Also notice that our class blog looks – boring, drab and unexciting… we need to spruce it up.  If you have ideas for the banner, colour schemes, background picture etc. I am open for suggestions – post them as a ‘Status Update’!! We’ll work together to make it your space to ‘live in science’!!

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