Our SBI 3C Biology and 1D Science classes have been accepted into a program called the Global Teenager Project.  We have been welcomed into a ‘Learning Circle’ and paired with schools in Romania, Zambia, Bangladesh, Kenya, and another Canadian school.

Biology 3C

We will be studying the 8 Millennium Development Goals set by the UN and the target is to achieve all of the goals by 2015.  This circle will explore what the goals are, how far we have come in achieving them and what we can do to increase the chances of them being achieved by 2015.

Science 1D will be studying ‘Environmental Sustainability’.  We will be answering questions posed by other countries, nailing down what it means to be sustainable and how the youth of the world can unit together to push for a world that is kind to the environment and sustainable for the coming generations.

The goals are:


  • End poverty and hunger
  • Universal primary education
  • Ensure gender equality
  • Reduce child mortality
  • Improve maternal health
  • Combat HIV/AIDS
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Global Partnership

For more information please visit Global Teenager Project website.

It is all very exciting and this experience will open our eyes to the world outside our school and community.