Computer Activity:  Environmental Toxin and Cell Damage

Go to the Ontario Electronic Resource Bank.  You will be reading the content and doing the assignment for this elearning component.  Login with the login and password I give you in class.  Go to the ‘Search 2.0’ and find the ELO1242900.  Complete your assignment and post in the course (I’ll show you where!).

Tablets:  Active and Passive Transport

View the clips on the transport systems (reposted due to mucky first version).  There are several ways cells to get substances in and out of their cells – some do not require energy (passive) and some depend on proteins and energy to achieve this goal (active).

Transport Systems in Cells. from Ms F on Vimeo.

Take notes and draw pictures to help you master the types of transport.  Now… brainstorm ideas of how and what you can demonstrate one of the transport systems.  You will need to create a short movie clip (can film at lunchtime in our room if you need to!!) to demonstrate a transport system.  Be creative and have fun.  If you don’t have a video camera take pictures and do a stop-motion (pixilation) animation!!  Due Tuesday October 11th.  Post in your Blog that I am creating for you.

SmartBoard:  Photosysnthesis and Cellular Respiration

Go to .  You will be completing a Gizmo on ‘Cell Energy Production’.  Use the Usernanm / password:  Group0181 / ant994 to login to class – as a group.  Open a MS-Word worksheet and aswer questions as you click through the Gizmo.

Low Tech: Enzymes and How They Work

Read the pages given 48-55 – take notes where needed.  Do questions 1-4 on page 50 and 55.  Hand in physical copy or post in LiveBinders.

Physical Lab:  Lactase Lab

See pdf version of Prelab (must be done prior to entering the lab!) and Enzyme lab (Procedure and Post Lab questions).  Organize the Prelab questions into an introduction paragraph (or two) with chemical reactions for the enzymes and the post lab questions into a Discussion/Conclusion paragraphs.  Hand in Introduction, Observations and Discussion.  Due Thursday October 6th.