The word ‘macromoleules’ for beginning biology students can be an intimidating word.  Macromolecules refer to a class of chemicals that are BIG.  These chemicals make up each of the organelles and cells that we have been looking at… under the microscope and piece by piece on the SMARTboard.  This activity is designed to give you an introduction to these molecules, how they look, act in our cells and are essential to life as we know it.  

** If this will work – You will be completing a Trackstar (view in FRAMES – it is easier!)   This website is designed to take you on a webquest through many websites with some guiding thoughts… all notes and screen captures (hit ‘PrtSc’!) are to be posted in your CourseWare in the SBI3C group.  The assignment name is ‘Macromolecules’.

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Meet the Macromolecules

**Remember to take notes as you go.  Cut and paste any pictures that supplement your notes….

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Start your adventure by learning about the six most common elements of life! Click through the concepts and take notes as needed (in a word doc so you can post in courseware in the SBI3C group!!) and then take the quiz (post a screen capture of results page in courseware).

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Click through this slide show about lipids, take notes about the basic structures and descriptions of each type of lipid.

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Click through the slide show, take notes about the types of protein structures.

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Click through the slideshow, take notes on the type of carbohydrates and their structures.

Nucleic Acids and DNA
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Read through the general information on nucleic acids and then click ‘DNA’ on the right hand bar.  Take notes where needed.

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With a friend play jeopardy.  Take a screen capture of your end results and post in Courseware in the SBI3C group.