Computer Activity: Earth’s Spheres

  • Go to the Ontario Electronic Resource Bank (OERB).  Login and ‘Search’ for ‘ELO1280620’.  It will bring up an activity on the Earth’s Spheres.
  •  Read the content (take jot notes when you need to and click on all links)
  • Do Activity #1 and #2.  Activity #2 can be  done in a Word document, a slide show or a flow diagram (mind map – type idea)

Tablet Activity: Cycles and Interactions

Obtain a tablet.

** You will be watching 4 sets of clips.

  • Watch and make ‘jot notes’ for ‘Abiotic and Biotic Factors’ and ‘Energy Flow’ clips.  These are short 2 minute clips.
  • Watch ‘Coral Reefs’ and answer the following questions…
  • 1. Why do you think the polyps only feed on plankton at night?
  • 2. What do you think would happen to reef dwellers (e.g., coral, parrot fish, sea cucumbers) if the algae were not able to photosynthesize?
  • 3. What is a double diet? What do you think the advantages are, if any, of having a double diet?
  • 4. How does energy flow through the reef ecosystem?
  • Watch ‘Ecosystems and Cycles of Nature’.  While watching this 20 minute clip, make notes.  You may have to pause and rewind to make good notes as there is lots of information in this clip.
  • ***After watching, take your notes and use them to create a set of questions (8-10) with answers.  Think of this as the ‘worksheet’ you could be given if you were to watch this as a class.

**Submit all work to Ms Faulkner.

Lab Activity:  Relationship, Cycles and Energy

Obtain an ‘Investigating Science 9’ textbook.

  • Turn to page 23 and complete the ‘Quick Lab – Finding Relationships Among Organisms’.  Do questions 1-4.
  • Turn to page 33 and complete the ‘Quick Lab – Analyzing Cycles’.  Do questions 1-8.

** Submit all work to Ms Faulkner!

Low Tech:  Nutrient Cycles and Energy Flow

Obtain an ‘Investigating Science 9’ textbook.

  • Read and note page 22-32.  Include any relevant drawings.  Remember that not all the information needs to be written in your notes!
  • Submit your notes to Ms Faulkner.