Our class will become an in-school and virtual classroom where we will harness the available tools to push for greater success via rotations, computer use, internet, web2.0 tools etc.  Together we will build a virtual community of learners for all.  In order to get you ‘up and running’ I need you to jot down your thoughts, create a few accounts and an avatar.

1.  Register for an account on the ‘Hood.  Just fill in the registration box – make sure your user name is ONLY your first name (last initial if needed).  Once you have an account request membership into our virtual classroom group (click groups and select our course code).  As you wait for your membership to activate (I need to click some buttons!) you can start on today’s work…

2.   Open a document and give me your thoughts on…

  • What I think about Science/Biology
  • What I would rather be doing…
  • What I think about technology in general and using it in a science class…
  • What technologies am I familiar with – list any and all please!

3.  Save the document – you will be cutting and pasting this into your groups ‘Courseware’ section.  Go back to the website and click your group again… your membership should be activated.  Click on ‘Courseware’, then ‘Assignments’.  Once you are in the assignment section you can post your response there.

** Now for the fun part!!

4.  An avatar is your online identity – you in cartoon! Remember that our classroom is still a class within the ‘walls’ of the school so ‘dress codes’ and ‘appropriate behaviour’ is still expected!  Use one of the two links below (or one that you find!) to make an avatar of yourself.  Remember to save it as a .jpg file extension to your H drive.

http://tizme.co.uk/ (create a ‘tizme’, save it and then register – call me when you hit that point)

http://unique.rasterboy.com/ (create an avatar and you will need to call me for help when saving)

5.  Once you have done this you need to put your avatar into the site below.  This links your avatar to the email address you used for the site and will import the image of you into the ‘Hood!  Click the link below and ‘Sign Up’ this will link your avatar with your email address.  Follow the steps provided.