So the time has come to reflect on our learning in the Global Teenager Project… this learning experience has had impacted our understanding of Canadians and others in the World in respect to the Global Millennium Goals.  Please write a paragraph response (with details) for each of these questions.  Post your paragraphs below so everyone can share in your learning process…

** these answers will be summarized and put into the GTP wiki.


  • Why did we ask the questions we asked?  How did we narrow our focus to maternal health?
  • What did you know about the Millennium goals when we started?  What did you know about maternal health in Canada?
  • What did you learn in our classroom?  What did you learn in your group’s topic – look at the information now that it is full with information…. Group Question Link
  • What did you expect to learn over the course of this learning circle?

Looking at our answer page for the questions we posed to the other countries…

  • What did you learn from the responses of the students in our research section?
  • What was similar or different in the research answers received from the Learning Circle partners? Why do we think these differences exist?