The sad anniversary of the beginning of the BP Oil Spill is TODAY….

Even though it took months to ‘cap off’ the leak the affects are still on going.  Please watch the clips below and write a reflection….

– What three things have I learned about oil spills?  WHY are these pionts imprortant to me?  (at least one paragraph!!).

Now think… this is only one problem with the oceans – one man made problem but there are others….

Yesterday we were learning abut how Humans affect the soil, air and water…. in particular we talked about Acid Rain and its affect (mostly on land).  What happens when the ocean increases its acidity level?  What happens when acid rain reaches it, when our carbon dioxide pairs with the water in the ocean to create an acid… What happens to the creatures in the ocean?  Watch the following clip and then write a reflection….

– Write three points on acidification of the ocean.  WHY are these points important to you?