Rotation One

Computer:  Chemical Valley – Share your thoughts…

Why is knowledge about chemicals and chemical reactions important to everyone in society?

Ontario’s chemical industry directly employs over 50 000 people, who created and sold products worth over $22 billion in 2008.  The chemical industry has had many positive effects on Ontario’s economy. However, as with many human activities, the chemical industry can have unintended negative effects…

Read page 152 in textbook – look through the links posted in the ‘Hood…

The Aamjiwnaang First Nation Reserve and Chemical Valley – chemicals are everywhere, but the use and disposal of chemicals comes with a responsibility to the environment

Create a podcast or video blog to share your thoughts about this issue and how understanding chemical interactions and reactions within the environment (and us) is important to society!!  This will be posted on the website under the post (due in two days time).

Smart Board:  Böhr Diagrams

Read the review article – Böhr ‘n’ Diagrams note.  Practise the diagrams on the Smart Board – check with Ms Faulkner.  Complete the ‘Böhr Diagrams’ worksheet and the ‘Bonding Capacities’  (collumns 1-3).

Low Tech:  Review Reading

Use your textbook ‘Investingating  Science 10’, read and note p142-144 and 146 (do questions 1-4), and  148 (do questions 1-4).

Physical Lab:

Use your ‘Investigating Science 10’ – page 151 – ‘Calcium and Water’.  Follow the procedure and complete the question set of 9-14.