Part 1

You will be filling out the Hazard Symbols Chart.  Submit when complete.

You can find the information for the table in the links below or by internet search.  To help find information on the WHMIS and HHPS symbols, carry out an Internet search using key words such as Workplace Hazardous Material Information System Symbols and Household Hazardous Product Symbols.

  1. Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS): A Guide to the Legislation.
  2. Health Canada’s Stay Safe – An Education Guide to Hazard Symbols.

Part 2:

Hazardous Products Report

For this assignment you will need to find three hazardous products that are used in or around your home, such as those used in the bathroom, the garage or in the garden.

Read the labels on your three products and then complete the assignment below with the information you have discovered. If you cannot find the required information to complete your assignment, an Internet search using the product name could help you. If you do not have three products at home, you could visit your local grocery or hardware store.

In your word processor, create a Hazardous Products Report for each of your three products. Your report should include the following 9 pieces of information for all three products:

  1. Product name.
  2. Product manufacturer.
  3. What the product is used for.
  4. Hazardous Household Product Symbols found on the container.
  5. The Active or hazardous ingredient in the product.
  6. Description of the potential hazard of the product.
  7. Recommended personal protective equipment (e.g. gloves, goggles…).
  8. First aid treatment.
  9. Less harmful alternatives to the product. Are there other products you can buy that will do the same job that are less hazardous?